Poem of Admiration


As I look at you

From a distant place

My heart is pumping

Beating in a place

Yours is the beauty

Even Venus will envy

You’re much prettier

Than goddess Aphrodite

Your eyes twinkle

Like the stars in the zenith

Your fair complexion

As white as the snow

With your long hair

Seems floating in the air

And your pink lips

I dread to have a kiss

As you look at me

From a distant place

My arms are shaking

And my knees trembling

I felt so weak

At the same time flying

I feel so numb

I feel like dying

Oh! Your beauty

Is like a melody

Of a sweet music

Playing for eternity

Like the song and hymn

Of heavenly seraphims

Singing along

With holy cherubims

Oh! Your beauty

I love to behold

Like a clear river

Calmly flowing forever

Like a clear sky

Songbirds that fly

And colorful rainbow

From a distant I admire

You are an angel

A sight of wonder

At your presence

I can’t stare longer

Shyness defeats my confidence

That my pure intentions

I cannot express

Oh! My angel

I wish I could try

To come near you

Or even say “hi”

To let you know

How much I admire

Your incomparable prettiness

Your immeasurable loveliness

That stands out above the rest


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