“College is… where you go if you want to continue studying after high school.” (Another non sense from me. LOL!)

College life is the best part of student life. Unlike what I keep on hearing from others, I enjoyed college life more than my high school days. Jumping from three different schools allowed me to meet different people, with different personalities, and from different walks of life. It also exposed me to different ideas.

But I am not writing this to reminisce about the past. Along with the poem “Minsang nilibot ko ang Pilipinas” which I posted on my previous blog with the same title, I also found some other writings. One of them is a poem that I wrote while we were having a retreat somewhere I totally forgot. All I can remember is the ambience, the setting and the environment inspired to write a religious poem.



With the sun shining brightly,

Its warmth touches me;

I feel that God is hugging me.

With the tall trees growing around me,

Giving me shade and security;

I feel that God is protecting me.

And the goat eating grass beside me,

Pauses and stares at me

As if to tell me that God is watching over me.

And the birds I see,

Soaring from tree to tree;

They sing that God is with me.

And the white butterflies,

Flying beside me;

Reminds me that God is always beside me.

I felt the serenity,

And I remembered…

The sun will stop shining;

The trees will stop growing;

The goat will stop eating;

The birds will stop singing;

The butterflies will stop flying;

But the Lord will never stop loving!


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